Christmas Cards!

Handmade Christmas cards are perfect for mum, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins… Actually, we think most people appreciate receiving a handmade card. And, children’s art has that extra charm that makes it great for keepsakes. At Artful Dodgers we have everything creative minds could possibly need to embark on a multitude of Christmassy art projects. But, to get you started, I’d suggest a selection of the following items:


metallic card

metallic foil paper

cotton paper

vivelle paper

clear wrap sheets


crepe paper Christmas pack

dandelion paper – 50% off

corrugated off-cut sheets – save 21%



acrylic jewels

Christmas sprinkles

irridescent glitter flakes

crystal chips

glitter dots

glitter stars

snow and ice shaker

silver gummed stars

sequin mesh

glitter pom poms

snowflake paper punch

cotton wool balls

Paints and accessories:

glitter paint

pearl paint

metallic paint

Christmas palm printers

Christmas sponge dabbers

Giotta Maxi Metal pens

Metallic Chubbie Markers

Metallic wax crayons



double-sided tape

scissors – wavy, pinking, zig-zag,


protective smocks

An Idea to get you Started

With so many types of paper and decoration to choose from, we don’t think the children will have any difficulty coming up with Christmassy themed ideas for their cards. But, just in case, here’s a fantastic 3D card idea:

Pop-out Christmas Tree Card:

This card looks fantastic decorated or plain and the end result is really impressive!

You’ll need:

heavyweight card

green A5 card

red A4 card


glitter dots

glitter stars

iridescent glitter flakes

acrylic jewels

cotton wool balls





Giotta Maxi Metal pens

silver gummed stars


What to do:

Start by making pieces of A5 card by folding A4 in half and cutting down the middle. This can be done beforehand to save on time, plus it needs to be done neatly.

Fold a piece of heavyweight in card in half, in the portrait position, and draw half a Christmas tree on it. Make sure you draw in the dotted and solid lines – like on the one below – but remember you only need to draw one side. Cut out the template.

Eeach child should be given a piece of A5 card, which they need to fold in half in the portrait position – make sure the crease is sharp.

Place the tree template on the piece of folded A5, lining up the straight edge of the template with the A5 fold crease. Secure with a blob of Blu-tack if needed.

Using a pencil, draw around the tree template, making sure to draw dotted and solid lines in the same positions as on the template.

Next get the children to cut along the solid black line while the card is still in the folded position.

Take each segment of the tree and fold it along the dotted line. Fold one way, then the other so that the crease is sharp

Open the A5 sheet out so that it’s like a tent and push each segment through the other side.

Once each segment has been pushed through re-crease the card so that they are sharp.

The tree can now be decorated. We suggest using glitter dots, glitter stars and acrylic jewels for baubles and a silver gummed star for the top of the tree or, for a snowy scene, use iridescent glitter flakes, silver glitter and cotton wool balls for snow.

Leave to dry.

Next, take a piece of A4 card and fold in half, also in the portrait position – this is the background.

Glue the tree section of the card onto the A4 folded card.

Decorate the rest of the card.

leave to dry.


When you’ve a chance, take a look at our Christmas Shop for the items we think are essential.

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