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Three Early Years Picture Frame Crafts for Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t like a photo of their children? So why not have the children make photo frames you can put their pictures in for their mums for Mother’s Day? Here are three really simple, but fun, ideas for you to try with the children. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Early Years Autumn Projects

Autumn will soon be here. So, now is a great time to start your autumn planning. Here are five project ideas to help you think.

When Does Autumn Officially Begin?

Well that depends on who you talk to. The weather men and women will say it’s on 1st September as they split the year up into neat, three monthly periods for easy year on year comparison of weather and temperatures. Read the rest of this entry »

Blossom Inspired Early Years Art and Craft

What a glorious week we are having and the warmer air has enticed the trees to blossom. Here in Manchester they are just dripping with their blooms. This gave me the idea of mimicking nature by decorating sticks.

If you decide to do this you can turn it into a project with several stages – the first being to collect sticks to decorate. This can be done on a trip to the park or local wood. And, whilst you’re out you can involve the children in a game of spying the blossom and naming its colour. Read the rest of this entry »

Encapsulating Light

Last week I was asked to come up with an activity around candles and light. This was the theme at this month’s Praise and Play just before toddler group.

Easy – or so I thought. After much head scratching I decided to do a version of the tissue lanterns.

I settled for encapsulated collage where the finished piece could be taped to a window or wrapped into a tube to go round a jam jar with an electronic candle in it. Read the rest of this entry »

Printed Pumpkins for Halloween

Toddler printed pumpkinWe seem to be doing a lot of printing at toddler group at the moment but the children don’t seem to mind and they’re starting to get to know what to do. Repetition is a good thing at this age.

Out came the polystyrene pizza trays again so we could print large orange disks onto our paper. I squeezed some red and yellow paint onto the polystyrene disks and asked them to spread the paint all over the disk and right to the edges with a large paint brush. By doing this the children saw the colours change from red and yellow to orange. Magic! Read the rest of this entry »

Planning September Art Sessions

Toddler group will be starting up again in a couple of weeks so I’ve been thinking about what I can do with my little friends.

As some of the children have moved on and younger ones join the group this is the time of year where I have to assume their experience of making art is limited. Plus, I have to make sure any activity should be achievable by all age groups from one to four. This can be quite a challange.

This half of term my plans are to introduce the children to line, colour, shape and texture.

Line: I’m going to revisit an activity I did last January for exploring line where a long piece of string is attached to card and thenthe children can move it around and follow the line with their finger. Then we’ll break out the felt tips and have a go at making lines. Read the rest of this entry »

Chocolate Part One

Easter is coming up and I imagine there’ll be plenty of chocolate covered fingers and faces for a week or two. But is chocolate something you really want to be giving your kids, especially in these times of growing obesity? Let’s have a look at the facts. Read the rest of this entry »

Yellow and Purple Multi Media Pictures

There’s a great walk near us in the Peak District where, in May, you’ll find the fields full of yellow cowslips and purple wild orchids. It’s stunning. And now the daffodils are in full bloom along with crocuses, forsythia and primulas. Read the rest of this entry »


We can’t get to this time of year without mentioning Easter. It falls on 20th April this year and will, I’m sure, be another egg-stravaganza (sorry about that, I couldn’t resist!) of chocolate, chicks, bunnies and simmnel cake. Mmm… can’t wait! Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Friends

Mark making with large child-shaped paper for the toddlers this week. And what fun we had. Read the rest of this entry »