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  • Adhesives  *Glu-Xtreame - 20g Stick
*Glu-Xtreame - 20g Stick
£2.62  (Ex VAT)
£3.14  (Inc VAT)

Glu-Xtreame is a super strength glue stick – ‘Super Glue for Kids’ – an alternative to hot melt glue guns that is safe for children to use – a water-based, solvent free, super strength glue stick.

The initial bonding time is 30 minutes with complete curing within 12-24 hours. In the classroom it gives children autonomy to do their own gluing. It is water-based and de-bonds with water making it very safe for children to use – NO Bonded fingers!

Soak bonded materials in water and they simply come apart.

Washable – washes out of clothing.

It sticks:

Porous to porous materials such as fabric to fabric, wood, leather, card,  polystyrene etc.

Non-porous to porous such as wood to metal, glass, PVC, ceramics, plastics etc.

Ideal for decoration, handicrafts and general repairs.

Suitable to use at home or in a nursery setting.

Watch how amazing Gluxtreme is in this video!

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