Alice Begins Her Adventure!

This year on July 4th Alice and her adventures will be 145 years old. A ripe old age for a little girl and she’s still as popular as she’s always been. Written by Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the story focuses on the journey Alice goes on after falling down a rabbit hole. With its non-sensical characters, fantasy settings and numerous poems and songs it provides plenty of opportunity for creative play and learning.

The Twelve Chapters of Alice

Why not read out one chapter per day? They are not terribly long and can be accessed free of charge here. Although I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t a dusty old copy knocking about in a cupboard at home somewhere!

Alice Inspired Art

A wall collage of the fantastical characters the kids encounter as they work their way through the book would be great fun and a colourful way to brighten up a nursery wall. You could also get the children to use a different medium for each character set so they can feel and see the differences between them.

What You’ll Need

sky blue extra wide poster poll or cloud display paper

sticky fixers or blu-tack

various poster roll colours


heavyweight card

wax crayons

colouring pencils

water colour paints


felt-tip pens



What to do

The background – start by fixing up the sky blue poster paper or cloud paper as the background to the collage using either sticky fixers or blu-tack.

Mark out chapters – divide the background into 12 sections and head them with the chapter names.

Add some detail – take inspiration from what is described in the book and use coloured poster paper to create items for inclusion. So, for Chapter One a fan, a small door and a garden could all be included, Chapter Five could include a mushroom and trees – you get the idea. Attach these to the background with glue.

Add characters – as you encounter new characters in the chapters of the story get the children to draw what they think they look like from the descriptions they hear. Choose a different medium – wax crayons, paint, pencil etc – for each chapter. I’ve suggested six, but use whatever others you have around too. When dry attach these to the background with glue.

So, you’ll end up with a timeline of characters and items that are mentioned in the book – starting with Alice and the white rabbit and ending with playing cards and the Queen of Hearts. It’ll be a large project but should be fantastic when it’s done and a fitting tribute to an enduring classic of children’s fiction.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the collage to go in the scrap yearbooks. And send them in to us for inclusion in future blogs if you like.

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