Autumn Inspiraton

It’s been an exciting autumn so far here at Artful Dodgers with a brand new website coming online and now we’re starting to blog as well!

Autumn Inspiration

It’s a wonderful time of year now the leaves are turning their beautiful colours of yellow, orange and red. So, why not go out leaf collecting and identifying trees?

Leaf Prints

You can use the leaves to create pretty designs by sticking them directly onto card or paper. Alternatively, you can use the leaves for a printing project using ready mixed paint or our large inkpads.

Ink pads

If you don’t want to use real leaves we do have leaf shaped sponges or templates you can use instead.

And don’t forget a nature table where you can have conkers, acorns and cones displayed alongside the colourful leaves.

One of the things I love about small children is their wonder and excitement at things that we, as adults, consider ordinary. They really help you to discover the world again. My children have certainly done that for me.

Children Love Pressing Leaves and Flowers

Pressing was one of my favourite hobbies when I was little. It was so simple and I loved the delicate textures and brightness of colour that pressing creates. Though, for years after, my Mum kept finding flowers and leaves I’d forgotten about in books and under carpets.

Pressing usually takes about six weeks and you don’t need a press to do it. You can simply place the leaves between some absorbent paper (sugar paper will do) and put a heavy weight on top. Voila. You’ll then have some lovely (and free) materials to use for collage later in the term.

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