August is Happiness Happens Month

We talk about this every year but happiness is something we should celebrate in a world where disaster and misery make up our daily news. Whilst we understand you can’t be happy all the time – well you wouldn’t appreciate it then – you can usually find something, if not several things, in each day that make you smile.

This event was founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People – it’s very telling that it’s called a secret society don’t you think? Check out their website as they give plenty of suggestions for ways you can celebrate as well as tips and techniques to recognise happiness. Here are three activities we’ve picked out for you to try.

Make a Happy Treasure Chest

The children could all bring in a shoe box they can decorate then ask them to put the things that make them happy in it. These can be photos, toys, a favourite blanket – anything that brings a smile to their faces. This can then be brought out when they’re feeling low or missing mum.

Happiness Art Show

Ask the children to make some artwork that expresses their happiness. Let them choose their favourite colour, collage materials etc. then make a display of their work for all to see.

What Made You Smile Today?

Just before pick-up time ask the children what made them smile at nursery today. You may be surprised and you could then use the answers to plan your sessions. And don’t forget to let them know what made you smile as well.

Enjoy Happiness Happens month!

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