Autumn Colours Round and Round Painting For Early Years

Children love painting. It’s a great medium for giving immediate satisfaction – especially if you use the right sort of paint. I use ready mixed paint from our mixed box of twelve which is thick, creamy and comes in great colours.

Colour Mixing
As autumn is here with chilly, misty mornings and fading light, I chose to use the colours that brighten up the shortening days – red, yellow and pink. I didn’t include the orange as I wanted the children to discover that this can be made by mixing yellow and red.

The plan was to encourage the children to go round and round with their paint brushes at least once on their painting. For this half of term my theme is circles.

Stirring And Mixing
The first visitors to my table were Toby and his dad. Toby was having fun stirring his paint so I encouraged him to stir it onto the paper with his brush. By stirring the red and yellow together he found that orange was being created. He then discovered he could dab the paint to make spots.

Not On My Hands
Some children don’t like getting their hands messy. As soon as May got a tiny spot of paint on her finger she wanted to clean it off. I showed her that she could make a print on the paper with it. Well, she loved that. She then started making lots of finger prints and went on to make several pictures. Gemma, another little girl who’s not keen on getting her hands dirty, saw May finger painting and started to paint her own hands so she could make handprints. Mum was amazed.

You Can’t Force It!
Well not at toddler group anyway. There are too many great things to play with and some children aren’t interested. One mum wanted daughter, Jo, to do a painting for daddy’s birthday. Jo wasn’t having it though. Mum kept bringing her to the table but Jo just kept running away. In the end mum did a picture herself with splodges and lines.

Jack – who’s never over-keen on the art table – sat for ages running a dumper truck through paint and making great track marks. Then Tom joined in and you can see the marks that are left in the paint giving it great texture.

Engaging And Fun
I’ll say it again – children love painting. It engages them immediately (unless mum wants them to take part!) and most children want to do more than one picture. And remember, art activities can be done for their own sake, be part of creative development or to reinforce other areas of the curriculum.

So have some messy fun and keep on creating!

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