Autumn Leaves Printing

Autumn is a great time of year. You can’t beat it for colour, misty mornings and warm afternoons. Wonderful! And this year we’ve been so lucky with the weather. In fact it feels a little weird that the beautiful blend of golds, oranges and reds are appearing on the trees whilst it’s so warm.

So, now it’s officially autumn it’s the perfect time to break out the red and yellow paint along with our lovely leaf-shaped sponges. And that’s exactly what we did at toddler group today!

It was so warm that we were outside again. Fantastic. The paint looked wonderfully bright in the sunlight.

Children Love Paint

I say it every time but the children LOVE paint. This time they came rushing over even before I’d finished setting up.

They quickly got the idea of dipping the sponge into the paint and then pressing it down to create a sharp print in the shape of a leaf. We talked about how the paint bubbled when we lifted up the sponge leaving texture in the paint.

Some children experimented with quick dabbing, smearing and hand prints. We looked at how orange was created when the red and yellow mixed together.

Some children were enjoying themselves so much they made several pictures. They all took them home to brighten up their kitchens.

Printing with Real Leaves

Leaf PrintsThis is a fun project. Go out and about collecting leaves with the children. Then, bring them back to the classroom, put the leaf onto some paper and paint over it. When you peel it back you’ll have the outline of the leaf. Then you can turn it over and print. If there isn’t too much paint you may even see the veins of the leaf in the print.

So two fun autumnal projects you can do over the next few months. Enjoy!

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