Award Winning Sensory Glitter Balls

I’m excited to announce the latest addition to our range – these fantastic Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls. But it’s not just me saying this. They’ve been awarded Gold from the Practical Pre-School Awards and Highly Commended from the Nursery World Awards.

At 100mm in diameter the balls are the right size and shape for young children to hold, to roll and to play with. They are fascinating because they contain sparkling stardust which swirls around the inside of the balls as they are moved. In addition, the balls contain a movement-activated switch which causes bright LEDs to illuminate and flicker for up to 15 seconds when they are bounced or shaken.

The balls are ideal for use by children from three years of age in open play and for their sensory appeal. They come as a set of four: pink, blue, gold and silver.



Practical Pre-School Awards – What The Testers Said:
“Particularly great with children with additional needs, all of the children enjoyed watching, rolling and bouncing the balls to show the lights flashing. All the children could handle the balls properly and they are very durable. I would recommend this product to other settings.”

Nursery World Awards – What The Testers Said:
“Described as ‘magical’ by a school teaching assistant, the TickiT Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls contain sparkling ‘stardust’ that swirls around the inside whey they are moved or bounced, and a movement activated switch that causes bright LEDs to light up and flicker. 

“For children aged three and up, the glitter balls, which come in a pack of four, are designed to be used for sensory and free play, and help children to develop their gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.
 Nursery supervisor Rosie Lea from Village House Nursery in Kent says the Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls have been helpful in encouraging interaction between neuro-typical children and those with special educational needs and disabilities.”


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