Birds, Birds and More Birds!

BirdBirds, Birds and More Birds!

The cold weather is a great time to tempt all manner of feathered friends to food laden bird tables. So, why not make a mini mock one for your classroom?

Create the table by gluing two or three pieces of heavyweight card together to make a firm base.

Take a further piece of card and form it into a tube, secure with double-sided sticky tape. Attach the tube to the underside of the table top, again using tape, and ‘viola!’ you have a simple bird table. You can add all manner of embellishments, such as a border to keep the seeds on the table.


Craft Fantastical Birds!

This is the really fun part. Your children’s imaginations can run wild as they come up with outrageous bird designs using brightly coloured, spotted feathers, foam shapes and wiggly eyes, to decorate their card or paper ball bird bodies.


PomsCraft Realistic Birds!

You could use this project as a practical teaching aid – keeping the colours true to nature. The paper balls would be perfect for making little sparrows, wrens or robin red breasts. Decorate them with paint, natural feathers or pom-poms.

Once all the glue has dried, proudly display the birds, along with various seeds, on your bird table.


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