Blossom Inspired Early Years Art and Craft

What a glorious week we are having and the warmer air has enticed the trees to blossom. Here in Manchester they are just dripping with their blooms. This gave me the idea of mimicking nature by decorating sticks.

If you decide to do this you can turn it into a project with several stages – the first being to collect sticks to decorate. This can be done on a trip to the park or local wood. And, whilst you’re out you can involve the children in a game of spying the blossom and naming its colour.


Decorating the Sticks

Once you have your sticks then you can decorate them. This is quite difficult for little ones and they will need some help and guidance. I found at toddler group that the mums and grans got very involved with this project. I’m not sure who was having more fun! It was lovely to see them working with their children to create something.

At nursery this kind of one-to-one isn’t really possible but you could get the children experimenting with the materials and how to make them stay on the stick. Or they could paint their sticks.


The materials used were:
Pipe cleaners – these are great for threading the beads onto and then winding round the stick
Pony Beads – for threading on to pipe cleaners
Feathers – to be attached with sticky tape or tide on with ribbon or pipe cleaners.
Fabric petals – same as the feathers
Craft fluffs – these could be unrolled and wrapped round the stick
Ribbons – for tying and winding round the stick.


Blossom Mark Making

I knew the sticks would be a tricky activity for the children so I also took along some Chubbi Markers and Giotto Felt Tip Pens. On large sheets of paper I drew a few lines to represent a stick. The children could then add the blossom. Chubbi Markers are great for this as they splat nicely when the children thump them down on the paper or leave a perfect circle when they’re pressed down gentley. So, as a final part of your activity, you could get the children to draw or paint the blossom.


A Crafty Surprise

The stick project was great for the mums and tots to work on together, whilst with the mark making, the children had full creative reign. But there was an unplanned bonus.

Most children had a go at both activities which meant that you could put the decorated stick on top of the picture to make a 3D piece.

See my blogs from last year – Butterflies, Blossom and Rainbows and Drip and Blow Painting for more ideas on making blossom pictures.


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