Spider and Web Inspired Collage

In our video, Susie is inspired by a beautiful spider in its raindrop-covered web. Show the children the video to help them develop an awareness of their environment and learn how to look carefully at what they see. Then let them respond to what they have seen by completing the project.

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Early Years Christmas Painting and Collage

It was my last session at Toddler Group today. So when I asked what people wanted to do they said, ‘everything’.

Not very helpful really! So I decided to do the messy things because the children love it and the mums are grateful they don’t have to do it at home. Read the rest of this entry »

Developing Art Activities Where The Children Can’t Fail

I’m coming to the end of my time with the toddler group. It’s been an exciting three-year journey and I’ve learnt so much from the children. I’d like to extend my thanks to all the children, and their mums, for letting me experiment on them.

When I started, I used to have long conversations with my husband about what I should do with the children. Being the one who had looked after our own children when they were young, having a theatre degree and having worked for a short while with youngsters he was a great sounding board. Read the rest of this entry »

Exploring Textiles With Early Years

Textiles are materials that are woven together or are bonded together either mechanically or naturally.

For the toddlers this week I gathered together a big pile of scarves, a mixture of ribbons and lace as well as fabric petals and artificial leaves. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Sheep Collage

White SheepOne thing I can guarantee will get the children running over to the art table at toddler group is collage. They just love it.

Today I’d brought along the Artful Dodgers Sheep templates for them to collage. They had great fun with several children coming back to do another picture.

I also pulled together a wide selection of collage materials so the children could choose to go bright or neutral with their colours as well as being able to choose hard and soft materials. Read the rest of this entry »

Investigating Paper

Our project today was tearing, scrunching and sticking paper. I found lots of different grades of paper, from tissue up to card, for the children to work with. This gave them an opportunity to discover the different properties of each grade. There is so much more to paper than making pictures and I’ll be talking about that later plus there are four paper-based activities at the end of this blog. But first lets talk about… Read the rest of this entry »

Triangle Collage and Felt Tips

No toddler group again this week as I had to attend a meeting. But here is another activity I ran with the group a couple of years ago.

I found that circle collage was a popular activity with the children. So I varied the activity by changing the shape of the collage materials. Read the rest of this entry »