Aromatic Painting

This week at toddler group I decided to add an extra sensory dimension to our painting – I made aromatic paint. Read the rest of this entry »

Follow the yellow brick road

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Flower Festival at Houghton Towers near Blackburn. The theme was Fairy Tales and the work and creativity that had gone into preparing the 80-plus exhibits was incredible. Read the rest of this entry »

Trees are vital!

Not only are trees the lungs of the earth giving us the oxygen we breath, they can also give us pretty much everything we need to survive – shelter, food and fuel. Read the rest of this entry »

Royal Wedding and St George!

I’m sure you must all be aware that there’s a Royal Wedding coming up – it’d be hard to miss with all the fuss! And that means there’s plenty of opportunity to be creative with dressing up Read the rest of this entry »

Birds, Birds and More Birds!

The cold weather is a great time to tempt all manner of feathered friends to food laden bird tables. So, why not make a mini mock one for your classroom? Read the rest of this entry »