Halloween – An Ancient Tradition

Children enjoying HalloweenWhy do we do it? Get dressed up, have parties and go trick or treating at Halloween. It’s great fun but what is the purpose of this spooky festival? And why is it important that we pass on this tradition to the next generation?

Well the origins of Halloween go way back and are deeply rooted in our collective psyche. If you go onto Wikipedia then you will find a full explanation of the origins of Halloween but basically it is an amalgamation of traditions from various parts of Britain, Ireland and Brittany. It takes in both pagan and Christian rituals going back millennia. Read the rest of this entry »

Printed Pumpkins for Halloween

Toddler printed pumpkinWe seem to be doing a lot of printing at toddler group at the moment but the children don’t seem to mind and they’re starting to get to know what to do. Repetition is a good thing at this age.

Out came the polystyrene pizza trays again so we could print large orange disks onto our paper. I squeezed some red and yellow paint onto the polystyrene disks and asked them to spread the paint all over the disk and right to the edges with a large paint brush. By doing this the children saw the colours change from red and yellow to orange. Magic! Read the rest of this entry »