Early Years Art Project With Downloadable PDF & Video

I’m excited to tell you about our new, ongoing programme to help you with ideas for art activities in your setting. Each project will have a downloadable PDF for you to refer to with a materials list and instructions. Plus, we will make an accompanying video for the children to watch and learn from.

The first project is Print Yourself A Meadow.  In the video ‘Susie’ is inspired by pretty flowers to print a meadow. But first she puts on an apron before showing you how to make a print.  At the end she has dirty hands and has to wash them. The video is only two minutes long and hopefully you and the children will find it a fun way to kick off your art activity.

“Wow – thought I was watching CBeebies” is one response I’ve had.

Click here to download the PDF

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Early Years Portrait Painting

We had fun with this project. There are loads of processes involved and each child brought their own unique interpretation to it. Some followed what we were doing and others (generally the younger children) played with all the processes.

I say this time and again, but there’s no harm in reminding you, that at this age it’s the process that matters not the product. Read the rest of this entry »

Early Years Collography

CollographyThis is another great printing activity. Building on the skills learnt in previous weeks at toddler group the children were asked to make their own print blocks before getting down to the business of printing Read the rest of this entry »

Mono Printing

mono printingI’m really excited to tell you about this activity. It worked so well and the children loved it. We had such a fun, messy time whilst we learnt several processes. Read the rest of this entry »

Investigating Paper

Our project today was tearing, scrunching and sticking paper. I found lots of different grades of paper, from tissue up to card, for the children to work with. This gave them an opportunity to discover the different properties of each grade. There is so much more to paper than making pictures and I’ll be talking about that later plus there are four paper-based activities at the end of this blog. But first lets talk about… Read the rest of this entry »

Forrest / Mountain Range Collage

Gluing and sticking again today. This time the idea was to make a forest with collaged triangles – however my triangles were equilateral so ended up looking like a mountain range instead. No matter.

It would be fun to take this activity to the next stage where the children use their trees (or mountains) as a background for playing with their dolls, cars, animals etc. In a forest they could re-tell the story of little red riding hood or, in the mountains go trekking and skiing. Though I’m sure the children can come up with their own stories. Read the rest of this entry »

Hard and Soft Line Collage

Ellie in matchsticksLines – bet you’ve never really thought about them. They’re everywhere, and when it comes to mark making and drawing, lines are very important.

Letters and numbers are all made up of lines, and drawings are mostly a bunch of different lines – straight, curvy, fat and thin – all put together and often coloured in. Lines describe the edges of things, can show the direction of movement and an outline depicts the shape of a thing. Read the rest of this entry »

Moon and Stars Pictures

Moon and starts

Did you see the moon last week? It was magnificent. Big and bright and the inspiration for this week’s activity at toddler group.

Firstly we made prints of the moon. We dabbed white, silver and silver glitter paint all over our printing disks (polystyrene pizza trays). Then we turned them over and pressed down hard. As we carefully peeled away the disks our moon print was revealed. The children were delighted. Read the rest of this entry »

Autumn Leaves Printing

Autumn is a great time of year. You can’t beat it for colour, misty mornings and warm afternoons. Wonderful! And this year we’ve been so lucky with the weather. In fact it feels a little weird that the beautiful blend of golds, oranges and reds are appearing on the trees whilst it’s so warm.

So, now it’s officially autumn it’s the perfect time to break out the red and yellow paint along with our lovely leaf-shaped sponges. And that’s exactly what we did at toddler group today! Read the rest of this entry »

Circle Collage

Circle collageCollage – gluing and sticking – the children love it. As soon as they see the table laid out with all the collage materials and glue pots they’re running over, putting on their aprons eager to choose the materials they want to use. Note I say the materials THEY WANT TO USE and not those chosen by someone else. Read the rest of this entry »