Circle Collage

Circle collageCollage – gluing and sticking – the children love it. As soon as they see the table laid out with all the collage materials and glue pots they’re running over, putting on their aprons eager to choose the materials they want to use. Note I say the materials THEY WANT TO USE and not those chosen by someone else.

Now of course I have made one choice for them and that is that all the materials are circular. But they have the choice between size, colour and texture of the different materials.

Paper plates were used to stick all the materials onto so even their ‘canvas’ was round.

Careful Consideration

It’s wonderful to watch how carefully the children make their selections. And when they come to sticking they put a lot of thought in to where they place each piece. As you can see, even though each child had exactly the same materials to work with, each creation is quite unique. One even went 3D piling his circles on top of each other then folding a circle to make a ‘flower’.

The children are proud of their creations – and so they should be. When each child finishes I talk to them about what they’ve done. I tell them about the colours they’ve used, how many of each item they’ve stuck down, what shapes they’ve created on the page etc. They love this and look at me with delight as I appreciate their work. Everyone wants to take their pictures home and today one little girl ran off with her picture and showed it to her friends who spent some time admiring it.

Learning Shapes

But it’s not all about having fun. Doing activities like this helps the children to recognise and learn their shapes – the precursor to reading, writing and mathematics.

Learning how to recognise circles will help children recognise round letters – a,b, c,d,e,g,o,p and q – when they start to read.

It also helps children become aware of the shape they are working with and they start to notice other things that are that shape in the wider world. This will all help with the development of identifying and organising visual information.

There’s an interesting article on the Scholastic site which covers this in more depth called Why Colours and Shapes Matter. Check it out.

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