Colour your classroom!

Third Box of Colour TabletsFebruary can be one of the darkest and dreariest months!  Days are still short, the weather is still cold and the only flowers cheeky enough to open their petals are snowdrops.  So, there’s no better way to brighten things up than by talking about colour with your children.

An ideal starting place is the First or Second Box of Colour Tablets.  Then, once they are confident of the basic colours move on to graded shades with the Third or Fourth Box.

Everybody loves a rainbow, so why not use this to add interest to your lessons.  When I was at school we had the mnemonic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) to remind us of the correct order.  I think that might be giving away my age – and I’m sure you can come up with one that’s more meaningful and memorable for today’s young audience.

Why not get children using their plaiting skills to produce a rainbow?  Plait a braid of red ribbons, orange ribbons, yellow ribbons…and then glue these on to paper or card in a rainbow shape and draw in fields and animals below.  Or use bold swatches of paint, crayons or felt tips.

And don’t forget that we do a lovely set of coloured pencil holders which can be kept together on a tray – plus the pencils to go in them.

Water CycleFinally, once you’ve got them talking about rainbows, why not go one step further and look at the whole water cycle. We do a felt and Velcro display of the cycle with an appliquéd background. Clouds, the sun, arrows showing movement and laminated name cards can all be attached using Velcro; plus there’s a reference sheet to assist with the lesson.

So, bringing more colour to your classroom over the coming weeks has never been easier!

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