Community Easter Frieze

It was our last toddler group before Easter so it was time to make our community picture to go in the church for the holiday period. The vicar was very enthusiastic when I asked if she’d like us to make one this year. ‘It’ll be a lovely reminder that church happens beyond the the pews,’ she said.

Designing the Project

It’s very easy to get complicated and prescriptive over a piece when it’s made for a specific purpose. So I had to keep reminding myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I thought about Easter and the symbols surrounding this festival. I thought about the life springing forth and the feelings of hope we can have at this time of year.

I also wanted the whole group – mums, dads, grans and volunteers to be involved as well.

Crikey! That’s a lot to get into a SIMPLE picture!

Over the past term we’ve worked on a lot of collage and I know the children are very capable of making great decisions with collage materials.

To represent everyone in the group what could be better than hand prints?

So, collage and hand prints. Great! Easy!

The Picture

A fab way to do collage in a group is to use self-adhesive film to stick your collage items to. The instant stick means you don’t have to wait for glue to dry. This made the top half of the picture.

I also took along a 100 Chicks Kit so the older children and adults could make some chicks to stick on.

For the bottom half of the picture I used brown packing paper (recycling as well!) I liked the brown as it’s very earthy and for the hand prints chose orange, yellow, purple and green paint. Everyone could select which colour to use for their own hand print.

What Happened Next . . .
Was fantastic!

First we did the hand prints. All the adults made a hand print (one dad said it was the first time he’d ever made a hand print – can you believe that?) but some of the children did’t like to get paint on their hands so they simply did the collage part of the activity.

The children found the stickiness of the self-adhesive film fascinating and soon settled down to selecting their collage items and sticking them on. At one end of the table three little girls sat chatting whilst sticking – very cute.

As you can see we produced a fabulous spring frieze with simple techniques that both children and adults really enjoyed and engaged with. It took just one hour and 15 minutes to make.

Remember, you can use this method of image making to make any community picture by selecting colours and collage materials to suit your theme.

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