Contrasting Collage In The Snow – Early Years Art Activity.

In our video Susie is enjoying the snow and is inspired by the stark contrast between the skeletons of dead plants and their surroundings. She then creates a frame in the snow and places pines cones and sticks in it to make a picture.

You will need:
A background: snow or white towel
Pine cones
Dead flower heads
Or any natural items you find whilst out on a walk

Go for a walk and gather up some sticks, stones, cones and other natural objects to use for your pictures. It’s great to have a stash of nature objects to hand for the children to explore.

If you’ve no snow then you can use a white towel to place the objects on. If you have snow, define an area for the collage to be made in by marking out a frame with footprints.

The children will enjoy arranging the natural objects on the pale background. Once completed, take a photograph and start again.

Some children will be quite messy and just enjoy emptying everything onto the ‘canvas’. Others will carefully consider where they should put each item and will create a striking picture. The samples below were completed by children aged four.

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