Crafting in the Sunshine

Oh, we had glorious weather last Thursday, so we set up for toddler group outside in the old playground (the Parish Centre was a school many moons ago). We’re also privileged that there is the most beautiful view, as the Centre sits on top of a hill overlooking Cheshire and Manchester.

Father’s Day Cards

The children love gluing and sticking, so making Father’s Day cards gave us the perfect excuse to do some collage work. I set up, as I usually do, with the collage materials on one side so the children could choose what they wanted to use. They put their choices in a finger dip bowl and carried them to the table where the card and glue were waiting for them.

When I say the children love gluing and sticking, I’m not kidding. One little girl spent a good 40 minutes decorating her card – inside and out then went on to make a picture as well, and no other child spent less than 10 minutes on their card. Pretty good concentration, I thought, considering these toddlers are all under 4 years old. They worked really hard and we were rewarded with some stunning results – as you can see.


I also put out some weaving frames and materials (these will be coming into stock very soon). Weaving is great fun, and the selection of materials in the pack is lovely. It includes different coloured wools, lace, ribbon, corrugated card strips, smooth card strips, raffia, feathers, string and more. One little girl loved it so much she’s taken a frame home to work on. Fantastic!

Stay Safe in the Sun

It goes without saying that the children were all smothered in sun cream and had hats on. But we sometimes forget about ourselves. I forgot my hat and one of the mums kindly gave me some sun cream. I’d have been burnt to a cinder otherwise – I’m very sensitive you know.

Art in the Open

So, just because it’s sunny you don’t have to miss out on art activities. Just take them outside. Check out this page on our site with some ideas for outside art activities.

Enjoy the lovely weather and stay safe.

Susie x
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