Dots, Spots and Circle Printing for Early Years.

Printing is one of the six key areas you should be covering in early years art. The others are mark making, painting, collage, 3D and textiles.

So this week I gave the tots a printing project. I gathered together a variety of materials in different sizes to make prints with including:

Cardboard rolls
Pom poms
Poppy plastic
Sponges from the finger dip bowls
Polystyrene pizza trays

Plus, they could use the tips of their fingers.

As you may have guessed all the printing materials are to make dots, spots and circles – in keeping with my circle theme this half of term.

We used ready mixed paint to make our prints in the primary colours of red, yellow and blue and I added a white in for extra interest.

As with painting, the children love printing. I was really pleased that Jack came to print as he is a reluctant artist. However, he became possessive of his seat and would only make a picture if he was sat in a specific place. It’s hard sharing when you’re three.

Tommy became engrossed in a game of dropping a pom pom into the cardboard tube then lifting up the tube to find it. He went on to fill the tube with pom poms then lifted the tube to watch them tumble out. He did this for about five minutes.

All the children loved printing and, as with last week’s painting activity, one or two discovered the joys of making hand prints. Most of the children had fun rolling the rollers back and forth and some of the older children remembered, from previous activities, how to make prints with the pizza trays.

All in all it was a successful, engaging activity enjoyed by everyone. Next week collage.

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