Early Years Christmas Painting and Collage

It was my last session at Toddler Group today. So when I asked what people wanted to do they said, ‘everything’.

Not very helpful really! So I decided to do the messy things because the children love it and the mums are grateful they don’t have to do it at home.

Materials List:
Red, green and white paint – well it is Christmas time
PVA glue
Pink, blue and green sugar paper
Self-adhesive clear film
Pom poms
Tinsel pipe cleaners
Red fabric petals
Wood slices
Christmas Sprinkles
Bottle tops
Silver foil disks
White packing pieces
Paint pots
Glue pots
Roller Trays

Originally I was going to get the children to stick their collage on to self-adhesive sheets, then roller with paint and take a print. Then they could collage and paint over the top of the print. I forgot one fundamental rule – keep it simple.

So we tried this with the first children to come to the table but the printing didn’t work very well. So I abandoned this idea and we just went with painting and collage and that worked a treat.

Charlie (who’s about 18 months old) came over and spent about 20 minutes carefully dabbing red and white paint all over his paper. Then he very gently sprinkled on gold glitter.

It was Lola’s first visit to the group and she made two fantastic pictures. She was at the table for at least half an hour happily sticking on her collage and telling stories to herself. It was a really creative session for her.

May was in her element with this project. She ran over and grabbed the rollers and completely filled a page with red paint. Then, having got that out of her system she made a more considered picture. She painted on some white then stuck on angels from the Christmas sprinkles and then very carefully rolled red over the angels but round the white. This made a really striking and wonderfully Christmassy piece.

It was a fantastic and messy final session. The children made 23 pictures between them and all went home with smiles on their faces.

I’m really going to miss the whole group. It was great fun and I’ve learned so much from the children. But it was time to say goodbye. I was totally overwhelmed when they gave me cards and presents as thanks for all the activities I’d done over the last three years. So thank you Mellor Toddler Group – it’s been fantastic.


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