Early Years Drippy Painting and Shadow Drawing

Last toddler group of the term and this week we were outside enjoying the glorious sunshine and views. I’ve been waiting for a chance to go outside with the children so we can get really messy with the paint.

Drippy Painting
We had great fun with this. I watered down the ready mixed paint so that it would easily splatter and drip on to the long strip of paper I had weighted down with paint bottles. I also put out some clay cuttering wheels to dip in the paint and roll along the paper.

The children really enjoyed dripping and flicking the paint onto the paper. One little girl wanted to make a picture for her Mummy’s birthday so we took a print of the drips and flicks she’d made. Then, of course, everyone wanted prints of what they’d done.

Once they’d got bored with flicking and dripping they started mixing and making new colours. We discovered how to make brown, pink and green. I was very proud of them all taking the initiative by experimenting and extending the activity beyond the initial brief.

Drawing Round Shadows
I’d also taken along the egg chalks and a box of assorted chunki chalks so we could draw round our shadows. We then dressed them up and coloured them in.

We also had great fun lying down and drawing round each other. I lay down for one little girl who made marks at the top of my head, and where my hands and feet were.

As the playground is on a slope we also found that the eggs rolled down the hill.

As I sat with one little boy he noticed a small red spider mite on the ground. Once we’d spotted one we saw loads of them. He was fascinated and spent the next few minutes hunting round for more.

Then, a little while later, I sat with a girl who was busy scrubbing yellow chalk on the ground. We watched a small fly walking around in the yellow chalk getting yellower and yellower. It was quite funny to see but I don’t suppose the fly was too happy.

What was interesting is that because we were making pictures on the ground the children then became aware of the small, usually unnoticed, creatures that are in their vicinity.

Goodbye to Some Children
It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to some children as they move on to nursery or school. There’s one girl who has been at my art table for the past two and a half years. I even remember the first picture she did. So I was quite sad to see her go. You must feel this when the children move up a class or move on to school. But, then there isn’t much time to dwell as the new set of children come through. And that’s exciting to see how they develop. Plus, I’ve still got some of my regulars left who rush over to see what we’re doing that week.

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