Early Years Father’s Printing and Painting

We had fun today at toddler group making cards, pictures and wrapping paper for Dad.

Over the last few months the tots have been working with different printing techniques and learning to apply paint with a roller.

We’ve covered:

Green and Yellow Painting where the children used giant rollers and various dabbers for direct printing.

Mono Printing Technique 1 where the children rolled paint onto a smooth surface then made marks in the paint before taking a print.

Mono Printing Technique 2 where the children rolled paint onto one half of paper then covered it with the other half of paper before making marks.

Collography gave the children the opportunity to make their own print block.

Stenciling gave the children the chance to ‘dab dab’ through a stencil to make patterns and pictures.

For today’s project we painted with a brush as well as used foam shapes and home-made print blocks for printing D, A and DAD on to things.

What The Children Made For Their Dads

The children had six colours to choose from. The primary colours: red, yellow and blue, and the secondary colours: orange purple and green.

Dots and linesMy first customer was a three year old girl who knew exactly what she wanted to create – a picture of spots and lines using every colour. She then made a simple card with a print of DAD on it and finally she made her wrapping paper and used a large round sponge to make a large red dot in the middle of her paper.

A younger girl joined us, watched carefully and then copied what the older girl was doing. She made a large red dot on an orange background for her picture.

Big Red DotAs more and more children joined in, the table got messier and more chaotic, but the children were having a marvelous time experimenting with all the different ways of applying paint to the different backgrounds – cardboard for the picture, thin paper for the wrap and thin shiny card for the card.

One four year old girl painted a perfect purple heart onto green background. Then she took another cardboard square and wrapped it up carefully, using purple paint for ‘glue’ then printed DAD onto the finished package. She was very pleased with herself and ran off to show grandma.

The younger children enjoyed making hand prints and spreading the paint around on the different surfaces.

This was a great activity for the children. They really engaged with it and most children made all the elements. Now that’s pretty good going with young ones!

And you can adapt this project anytime of year – for Christmas, birthdays or just as a gift for mum and dad. Useful if you’re exploring giving as a topic.

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