Early Years Mono Printing Technique 2

More mono printing this week and the children’s roller skills are coming along nicely. Mono means that only one print is made and isn’t repeatable.

Last week we made prints by rolling paint onto a smooth surface, making marks in the paint and placing a clean sheet of paper over the top, rubbing it smooth and peeling back the sheet to reveal a beautiful print.

This week we used a slightly different technique.

This time we folded our A3 sheets of paper in half. The children then rolled their paint straight onto the paper. We then folded the paper back onto the paint. Then we started to make the marks using crayons and rolling a car back and forth.

Once the children had done with their mark making we opened out the paper to reveal the print – positive on one side of the paper and negative on the other.

The effect is fantastic. Some of the pictures looked like winter grasses and others like trees. The one at the top of this page looks like a fish to me. Can you see it?

I think the technique works better the less paint that is used but sometimes the children were having such a lovely time rolling the paint on that they didn’t want to do the next stage. That’s OK. It’s the process of making that matters at this age, not the end result.

Last week we used cold colours – blues and greens. So this week we used hot colours – reds and oranges.

I always try to make the activity so, no matter what, the children can’t fail – basically there is no right or wrong. This is to help them build confidence in having a go (taking a risk), confidence in the choices they make of materials or colours and confidence in their own abilities.

It’s fine if a child goes off script and doesn’t do the activity exactly the way it’s supposed to be done. I praise them for being experimental – and therefore creative – and study the results of their experimentation with them.

One child decided she would keep folding the paper over and over and then made the marks. She ended up with a picture that looked like a butterfly.

The children loved this activity with most making more than one print. Give it a go!


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