Essential Early Years Play- a great way to learn!

Early years play is vital for the development of all children. Through play, babies and young children learn how to interact with their world, and the other people in it, by developing social and emotional skills. Not only that, early years play allows children to develop a number of practical skills, such as motor skills and co-ordination. Studies by early year’s researcher, Sarah Smilansky*, have shown that children who become engrossed in make-believe play demonstrate, amongst other things:

a richer vocabulary and higher language comprehension

better problem-solving strategies with more advanced innovation and imagination skills

better emotional and social adjustment including increased empathy with others

more curiosity and a higher intellectual competence

better peer cooperation, a greater propensity to engage in group activity and better control of impulsive actions

These skills allow children to become more confident around others, equipping them to deal with whatever life throws at them. And, best of all – it can be great fun!

Why not have a look at the early years’ play equipment we have available and use it to create a fun circus role play in your classroom? We have some fabulous Crystal Organza in rainbow hues that could, when paired with our non-toxic rainbow face paints, be used for colourful clown costumes. And if you need some guidance on creating clown faces, our Five Minute Faces book can help.

Tub stilts offer the opportunity to practice balancing skills as the children pretend to be acts in their make-believe circus.

For the younger members of your class, there’s our super Heuristic Play Starter Kit. In case you are wondering, heuristic means experienced based learning, so the set is comprised of 70 pieces made of smooth, touch-friendly wooden objects, including bowls, egg cups, rings and cubes, that the children can pick up and experiment with either by themselves or in groups.


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