Early Years Printing

Often the first print children will make is a handprint. It’s easy and they’ll do it spontaneously when given the opportunity to play with paint.They’ll either dip their hand in the paint if it’s on a flat pallet or, carefully paint their hand with a brush before pressing it down on the paper. Then they’ll smile with delight at the mark they’ve made.

Printing Tools
You can print with pretty much anything.  For the toddler session this week we printed with corks, cardboard tubes, rollers with different patterns, animal print rockers, toy cars and, of course, hands.

This picture was made with corks and a roller with a large wave pattern on it. You can see where this little girl is starting to get the idea of creating a repeating pattern.

Play and Discover

The children were given A3 sheets of sugar paper and white paint. As this is the first time printing for many of the children, I demonstrated how to dip a printing tool into the paint and then apply it to the paper. The children quickly understood what they needed to do and enjoyed making marks especially with the rollers. We had a set of budding DIY decorators on our hands judging by the way they handled those rollers and the coverage of paint on the paper!

Printing with Cars
The children also enjoyed dipping the cars in the paint and rolling them over the paper leaving long lines. And, they were delighted to discover that the cars also left tracks in the paint they had previously applied with a roller.

Two boys sat for ages just running the cars back and forth and up and down. They then co-operated by joining their pictures together and running the cars across both pieces of paper. You can see where the cars crossed from one piece of paper to the other in the picture above.

So early years printing – another activity the children engage with and learn a lot from!

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