Easter is coming!

March should be your preparation time for the coming Easter merriment. And, Artful Dodgers has everything you could ever need for creating Easter crafts. There are so many craft projects you could do it gets a little mind boggling. And we know you are busy, so I’ll start you off with a couple of ideas below.

Bunny Ears

These are super cute and easy for little hands to make. You’ll need:

white card

A3 pastel card

large people paper

A2 black card


skin shades tissue paper

assorted colour tissue paper

metallic crepe paper

cotton paper

metallic card


glitter dots

acrylic jewels

craft fluffs

yellow feathers

natural feathers

Ferby colouring pencils

fibre tip pens

people paint

ready mix paint




What to do:

make two ear templates for the children to trace around in heavyweight card. Make the inner bits of the ears as well. These should be roughly the same shape as the ears, but slightly smaller. They should look like this.

now make a headband out of whatever colour card the children fancy. Measure the children’s heads and cut a strip long enough to fit. It should be about 5cms wide. Glue these now so that they’ll be dry when the ears are ready to be added later.

next, let the children trace around the ear and inner bit templates on card of their choice and cut them out

now the fun starts with decoration. Let the children decorate in whatever way they choose. Two colours of tissue paper rolled into little balls and glued in place would look great, as would yellow craft fluffs. Or they could colour, crayon or paint the ears. Glitter, acrylic jewels and glitter dots will add some sparkle!

leave to dry

once the decoration is dry, glue the ears to the headband and leave to dry again

Painted Faces

Why not give them rabbit faces to match their rabbit ears? Our Wild Faces or Fiesta and Carnival Face Painting kits are great for this job. Or have a look at our individual face paints, brushes, sponges and glitter gel

More Easter Ideas

And, if that’s not enough, here are the instructions for Easter Nests and Easter Gift Boxes.

Offers, Offers and More Offers

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