Eurovision and the Benefits of Singing for Children

I know, I know! It’s always a bit cheesy and there’s often talk of biased voting, but, honestly I love The Eurovision Song Contest.I love it because you get to hear what kinds of music people in other countries like to listen to, well that’s what I like to think anyway. Even if it’s not true, there’s always a good selection of, let’s say, interesting songs and costumes on offer. The imminence of this wonderful competition got me thinking about the benefits, if any, that singing might have for children.

How Singing Benefits Children

A quick search produced a stack load of results for the benefits of singing for children both in and out of the classroom. But the Sing-up website was definitely the best and most user-friendly website I found on the subject. After years of conducting polls and surveys of their own and reviewing the research from other places, they’ve come to the conclusion that singing helps with:

  • school cohesion
  • greater concentration
  • improved literacy and numeracy skills
  • memory retention
  • increased confidence and improved self-esteem
  • increased enjoyment and engagement in class
  • enhanced social skills
  • enhanced emotional learning and maturity

The Montessori World Educational Institute also states the benefits of singing, saying:

Research shows that music is a constructor of intelligence, a builder and organizer of the nervous system, as well as an expressive language of emotion and spirituality. In addition, it serves as a powerful socialiser and form of recreation. Research also shows music’s role as a healer and maintainer of good health.”

The article also states that singing should always be fun and offers 12 guidelines to help you achieve that in the classroom – take a look.

Songs and Activities

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of singing, why not have a search through the database of songs and activities on the Sing-up website? And, there’s also a great section of teaching tools and advice too. And most of all have fun!

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