Father’s Day 15th June 2014

Dads are special. So what to make to make them feel special and show we love them? Umm!

It can be a toughie but I’ve put my thinking cap on, had a look round Pinterest and come up with some ideas for you.

Memory Coin

This is really simple and can be made by all ages. Simply roll out some clay, cut out a circle and make a thumb print in the middle. Once dried, paint with silver or gold paint and voilà, a small but intensely personal ‘coin’ Dad can slip in his pocket to remind him of his child.

Foot or Hand Imprints and Bookmarks

Another simple idea. Cover a small canvas in ready mixed paint then press a child’s foot or hand into the paint. Lift up and there you have an imprint. Afterward, don’t waste the paint but press the hand or foot onto a piece of card and cut out to make a book mark or greetings card.

Father’s Day Cards

And, naturally, you have to have the obligatory card. Our transport stencils and transport stickers are perfect for making manly cards. What bloke doesn’t get a kick out of some sort of machine?

I’ve used a sponge when stenciling – make sure the children learn to dab the sponge in paint, then dab on a spare piece of paper first, then dab through the stencil.

Remember, we have a fantastic range of collage materials and packs of card that are great for making cards for all occasions.

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