Father’s Day

Fathers Day MedalIt’s a way off yet – June 19th to be exact – but it’s worth thinking about and preparing for Father’s day now as you’ll need to collect some items. It provides plenty of scope for little minds to be creative and we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started. You could use one of our craft projects: Father’s Day Medal and Father’s Day Tie or why not have a go at the project below?

Lasting Momento!

Fathers Day TiesDad’s will love this great idea and it’ll last for years. In fact, it is probably one of those items that’ll still be around to embarrass the kids when they’ve grown up! It’s easy to do and can be made as fancy as the children like. It can also be changed to suit just about any kind of interest. You’ll need:

• old tinfoil plates of different sizes

clay – we have various types in terracotta and stone colours or use plaster of paris

clay knives and rolling pins

• moulds, cutters and stamps to make decorations with:

- sun, moon and stars,

- bug-shapecutters

- textured stamps

- number moulds

• and decorations, for example:

- acrylic jewels

- buttons

- shells

- crystal chips

- or any other kind of weather-proof decoration the children want to use.

This is definitely a project you’ll want to cover up for so you’ll also need:

smocks to keep clothes clean

splash mats

These are really easy to make. Simply:

• fill your chosen tinfoil dish with clay or plaster of paris

• decorate – the possibilities are endless, but for starters:

- roll out more clay and stamp out the year

- write Dad’s name using clay knives

- make a picture using bug-shaped cutters or moon and stars

• allow to dry for a couple of hours

• remove the tin foil tray

• send home so that Dad can give it pride of place in the garden, by the front door, on the patio or on his desk.

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