Flying things, swimming things and crazy things!

Learning about animals can be a fun, practical experience – especially if you use our new reusable Wings n Things, Fins n Things and Crazy Creatures sets!

Just add some modelling boards and modelling dough, or colour clay and you have all the ingredients for a practical and creative animal themed day.

Why not make some realistic birds and fish to start with, which will allow you to teach the children how wings and fins work. Then let the children come up with the most outrageous and fantastical creatures they can imagine, adding fins and wings wherever they want. Should be fun!

For the more adventurous

For the older children, or those who’d like to be a little more adventurous, we have clay knives, a modelling tool kit and wooden rolling pins that can be used to create more elaborate creatures.

Of course, you needn’t restrict yourself to what’s included in the kits – we have lots of other items that could make great additions to the children’s creations. You could use:

pipe cleaners, coloured lolly sticks or wooden spars for legs or tentacles

acrylic jewels or crystal chips for shimmering, scaly, fishy or dragon-like creatures

buttons or beads for spotty patterned creations

wiggly eyes for multi-eyed monsters

And, best of all, the fabulous creatures the kids make can be taken apart to be used again and again.

Just one last thing – before the children dismantle their creations, why not photograph them for inclusion in their scrapbooks

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