Forrest / Mountain Range Collage

Gluing and sticking again today. This time the idea was to make a forest with collaged triangles – however my triangles were equilateral so ended up looking like a mountain range instead. No matter.

It would be fun to take this activity to the next stage where the children use their trees (or mountains) as a background for playing with their dolls, cars, animals etc. In a forest they could re-tell the story of little red riding hood or, in the mountains go trekking and skiing. Though I’m sure the children can come up with their own stories.

Choice of Materials is Important

At first I thought collage was a big mistake as it was hard to bend the card so the triangles could stand up. But in the end most could stand up on their own. I had pre-creased them though. The only ones that couldn’t stand up were where the hard collage materials such as matchsticks were stuck over the crease.

Paint would be good fun with this project. The children could blob some paint on one half of the triangle, fold over the card to make a mirror image on the opposite side. If you fancy doing that make sure you’ve lots of different colours paint to choose from.

Sensory Collage

We had quite a few new children today so they were not used to the art table. Plus they were quite young. If they weren’t keen to sit and make a picture I encouraged them to just touch and play with the collage materials.

There was a good selection of hard and soft, mat and shiny materials and they really enjoyed just looking and touching. We talked about how soft the pom poms and feathers were stroking them on our cheeks and the back of our hands. Then we felt the matchsticks and sticks and talked about how hard and unbending they were.

However, my regulars were straight in there choosing their materials and getting stuck in. Most of them made more than one ‘tree’ – so really engaged with the activity.


One little girl glued a piece of wool to her triangle to carry it by. Good thinking.

One little boy, who has just started to visit the art table, sat for at least 20 minutes gluing and sticking with his dad.

I think this is a great activity that could be taken further if you have the time.

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