Four Ways Of Using Pom Poms With Early Years.

PomsPom poms. Don’t you just love them? I do. They’re soft, fun to play with and have a myriad of uses. Fill a basket up with them and run your hands through – it’s a lovely sensory experience.

Well let’s start with the obvious. Pom poms are a great addition to your collage kit. When I do a collage activity I layout all the collage materials on a separate table to the one we’re working on. The children are asked to select the items they want to use and put them in a bowl. This helps to build up the children’s confidence in making decisions. If the pom poms are out the children always select them.

Making 3D Shapes and Sculptures
Pom poms aren’t just great for sticking on pictures. You can also glue them together to make 3D shapes, animals, monsters etc. When combined with wiggly eyes, caterpillars immediately spring to mind but, if you leave the children to do their own thing, I’m sure they’ll come up with some intriguing creations.

If you want to do dotty pictures then pom poms are idea to use for dabbing on the paint. Or if you want to get experimental, compare how different balls roll when covered in paint. I did this activity with the toddlers comparing glass marbles with pom poms. Read all about it in my blog post Early Years Painting with Marbles and
Pom Poms


Pom poms are great for sorting by size and colour. Try different activities such as:

Which pom poms will fit into a plastic bottle?
How many pom poms will fill a cup?
Match colours to the colour of the bowls.

Our bumper bag of pom poms with different sizes and colours will be ideal for these activities.

So there you go, four ways to use your pom poms. Make sure you add them to your next order.

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