Fun Easter Bonnets and Hats for Children

Here are three fantastic bonnet and hat ideas dreamed up by Sian and Justine in the office. They’re simple to make, with basic store cupboard materials, but they look amazing. The children will have a fantastic time making their bonnets then showing them off in an Easter Parade.

Chicken Easter Bonnet

You will need:
Yellow and orange A4 card
Yellow feathers

Foam shapes
Stapler and staples

PVA glue

Cut the yellow card lengthways down the middle. Staple the two pieces together to make a crown.

Fold the orange card in half and cut a diagonal from one corner to the other to form the beak. Make a fold at the widest end of the beak about 1cm deep. Staple this to your crown.

Decorate your crown with yellow feathers and glue on the foam shapes for the eyes.

The Bunny Crown

You will need:
A4 card in two contrasting colours
Foam shapes

Stapler and staples
PVA glue

Choose which colour you want for your crown and ears. You’ll need two sheets in this colour. Cut the ears out of one sheet. Then cut the other sheet in half lengthways.

Staple the card together to make the crown.

With the contrasting card cut out smaller ear shapes for the inner ears. Glue these to the large ear shapes. Then staple the ears to the crown.

Glue the foam shapes onto the crown to make the bunny’s face.

Mini Chick Bonnet

You will need:
A4 Coloured Card
Paper Plates
Pom poms

Mini Chicks



Stapler and staples
PVA glue

Cut your card in half lengthways and staple together to make a crown.

Cut a paper plate in half. Cut three slits in the flat edge about four cm deep. Fold the paper plate onto the crown and either staple in place or glue. This will form the peak of the hat. If gluing, hold in place with a peg until dry.

Attach ribbons to the side of the hat and decorate as desired. We’ve used pom poms, mini chicks and feathers. But you could put out a whole array of collage materials so the children can decide what they want to use and add their own creative twist to the project.

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