Green and Yellow Early Years Painting

Yellow spring flowersThis week’s activity has been inspired by the abundant yellow spring flowers that are in my garden at the moment. We have Keria, Forsythia, Primroses, Cowslips, lots and lots of Dandelions and in the field at the back the Gorse is also blooming.

Painting is a great activity for toddler groups as all the children – even babies – can join in.

To start the paintings off the children had giant rollers to laydown a green background. The giant rollers are great. They make wonderful patterns and textures with the paint. Plus, the children love to roll them back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… it can keep them quiet for some time!

Yellow paint was offered in finger dip bowls along with round handled foam dabbers, foam leaves and paint brushes.

One little boy tried every tool he could use on his painting, putting on layers and layers of texture colour and paint. It looks great.

There was a six month old baby sat on her mum’s knee having a really good go. She grabbed the brushes and stuck them in her mouth – good job she was using the paint supplied by Artful Dodgers as it’s perfectly safe for the children to eat even if it doesn’t taste very nice. Both of them had green faces by the end of her painting session.

Because some of the children were putting on multiple layers of paint they then discovered they could scrape into it. Great experimenting.

Overall the children really enjoyed this activity. They had a lot of freedom to try out different techniques using the different paint tools. Some paintings were just shades of colour whilst others had clear elements to them.

For more fun with paint see what happened when I made aromatic paint and when we painted to music.


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