It’s nearly time for the ghosts and ghouls to come out and it gives you plenty of opportunity for fun creative projects. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Papier Mache Beasties

Three great, but very messy, projects! The base for all three projects is the same and there’s the choice of making a ghost, spider or pumpkin. The ghosts can be hung from the ceiling, the spiders can be fixed to walls and the pumpkins can be used to decorate windowsills and tables.

To start you’ll need:

• balloons – long thin ones and round ones

papier mache powder or cellulose paste powder and newspaper

modelling boards

paint – fluorescent orange, black, white, red and green

wiggly eyes

orange pipe cleaners

wavy and pinking scissors

• old toilet rolls


clear adhesive tape


• rubber

splash mats


• bucket

What to do:

1. cover the work area with splash mats and the children with aprons

2. cut the toilet rolls into 1 inch sections and secure to a modelling board with clear adhesive tape – this will be used to steady the balloon whilst it is worked on

3. blow up the balloons – long ones for ghosts, round ones for spiders and pumpkins – and sit in toilet roll

4. mix papier mache paste or cellulose powder and newspaper together according to the instructions

5. cover the balloons with the papier mache starting at the top and working downwards

• stop when you get about a couple or inches from the bottom of the ghosts, so that the bottom will be open once the balloon is popped

• stop almost at the bottom for the pumpkins and the spiders so that you have a small opening at the bottom to make the model stable

6. leave to dry for at least 24 hours

7. once dry, decorate!

a. use orange paint for the pumpkins and add teeth and eyes with black and white paint or add wiggly eyes

b. use black, red or green for the spiders, or black with red and green spots and wiggly eyes. Attach orange pipe cleaners with clear adhesive tape for legs

c. use white paint and wiggly eyes for the ghosts

8. when the paint has dried finish off the decoration and thread onto string:

a. ghosts – use the wavy or pinking scissors to cut around the bottom. Then, turn them over and using a rubber and pencil to make a hole in the top, thread onto a piece of string and secure with a knot and clear adhesive tape. Hang from the ceiling and door frames with clear adhesive tape

b. spiders – make a hole on the opposite side to the eyes and attach string with clear adhesive tape so that they can hang downwards on walls. Alternatively, place them on windowsills and tables as decoration

c. pumpkins – simply place on windowsills, tables or any other suitable surface.


For the younger ones, this is a great art project. All you need is:

black card


• pasta shapes

It’s really easy to do, especially if you use our bag-of-bones as an example of what a skeleton looks like. Simply glue the pasts shapes onto the card in a skeleton shape.

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