Harvest Festival

autumn inspired crepe paperThis annual festival, in honour of a successful harvest, has survived from Pagan times. Traditionally it is held on the Sunday nearest to the harvest moon, which is also the Autumn Equinox, and usually falls around 23rd September.

If you are a child of the early 70s, as I am, I’m sure you remember attending harvest festivals at your school or local church. I remember taking in tins and jars of food to fill up boxes decorated with old wrapping paper. These were displayed in the school or church for the service of thanksgiving and then distributed to the less fortunate in the community. Sadly, I think this practice is now defunct, something to do with those pesky ‘elf and safety’ laws!

Having your own Harvest Festival

However, it doesn’t stop your children from making their own harvest festival boxes and giving them to each other. It could be a wonderful exercise in experimenting with unusual foods if you have a multi-cultural class. And you could make a suitable autumnal display with the boxes of food using a simple table covered with one of the colourful poster rolls . Yellow might look nice as it’ll echo the colour of the ripe crops such as wheat and barley that the festival celebrates. Plus, there’s 10% off a pack of eight rolls at the moment, so it’s a great time to stock up! We also have an autumn inspired crepe paper pack and packs of artificial leaves that’ll add some texture as well as colour to displays. And, don’t forget to use your cheeky Wood Sprites!

Then all you need to do is gather some old boxes and decorate them with fruit and vegetable inspired art. For this you could use our fruit and vegetable stencils or fruit and vegetable templates.

And finally, why not have a go at these simple corn dolly projects. If you can’t get hold of straw, you can use thick string or orange pipe-cleaners.

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