Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

It’s World Health Day on April 7th and I’m sure you are all familiar with the phrase above, so the sooner you can start teaching children about healthy, balanced eating and keeping fit and active the better. And getting them interested doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it can be rather fun and tasty.

Food For Thought

Get the children to look and think about foods differently, such as taking a bite of a banana and describing how it feels, tastes, smells and looks. Or simply get the children to draw their favourite and least favourite fruits and vegetables and tell others why they like or don’t like them. Our fruit and vegetable templates would be great for this project. And, the bright colours of wax crayons are perfect for colouring fruit and vegetables.


Health is not only about the food we eat, but the activity we do too. With spring arriving the days are getting warm enough to spend some time outside. Why not get the children active and keep them fit by playing fun games. One of my favourites from childhood is hopscotch – it’s easy to set up and easy to play. All you need is some space on a hard surface, some chalk for outside or, if it’s raining, masking tape for inside and something for the children to use as markers – buttons would be ideal. Then mark out the squares and away you go. If you don’t know the rules or layout of hopscotch have a look here.

Basic Biology

Healthy food is vital for young bodies and one vital ingredient for growing bones is calcium. Spinach and broccoli are full of calcium and a simple soup – this one also has avocado which is a fantastic source of healthy fats – would be a tasty way to introduce children to these important nutrients. And our Bag of Bones is a superb visual aid to help children understand the role of calcium in bone growth.

Rules of HopScotch

Stand behind the starting line and try to throw your marker into square one. If you succeed, hop over square one and continue hopping until you reach square eight, making sure not to touch the lines, step outside the squares or put your other foot down. All hopping should be done on one foot until you reach the two squares side-by-side, here you can put one foot in each square. Once you get to square eight turn around on one foot and hop back down the grid. When you get to square one pick up your marker, staying on one foot and using only one hand, and hop back to the start.

Now stand at square one and throw your marker into square two, repeat as above. If you are out, leave your marker in the square that you should be playing next.

Some basic layouts for Hopscotch.

Hop Scotch

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