Hedgehog from Hand PrintsI love hedgehogs. They’re so cute. We have one in the garden. We can often hear it snuffling about at night as it searches out slugs and worms to eat. It is surprisingly loud. If you want to hear a clip visit: sounds.bl.uk.

But snuffling is not the only sound they make. It seems they are quite noisy creatures. They chirrup, cough, hiss, scream, snore and so on. Check out hedgehog-rescue.org.uk for a comprehensive list of noises and what they mean.

Hedgehog Art

The hedgehog is a great creature to base art projects around. You can make a large display using the handprints of the children to create the spines. For full instructions on how to do this download our Hedgehog PDF.

Clay HedgehogAnother fun thing to make is a clay hedgehog.  These are really easy. Ask the children to roll some clay into a ball then pinch a nose out of the ball. This can then be decorated by scouring lines into the back for the spines and, when dry, painting them brown or covering in PVA for strength. Alternatively, you could create rainbow hedgehogs by sticking in coloured matchsticks for the spines. You can do this with dough as well if you don’t want to keep the hedgehogs.

You can also use clay to make a hedgehog pencil holder. When the clay is still wet push a pencil into the back of the hedgehog a number of times and remove whilst the clay dries. Once dry, paint and slot your pencils into the holes. Works a treat!

Hedgehog Drama

Dough and Match Stick HedgehogOnce you’ve introduced the children to the noises hedgehogs make, use some of the fascinating facts you can find on onekind.org to create a story the children can act out. They could snuffle round the classroom looking for worms and slugs, build a nest to hibernate in and curl up for a long winter’s rest. You can even get them scratching, as hedgehogs have up to 500 flees at any one time – ewww! Apparently though, the flees don’t bite humans. Few! I was going off them for a minute there.

Musical Hedgehogs

Ask each child to choose a sound that a hedgehog makes then to make that sound when you point at them. This would be a great game at circle time and I can imagine the giggles already.

One last fact for you – baby hedgehogs are called hogletts – ahhh!

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