How To Avoid Stains When Painting!

Artful DodgersChildren love painting. And no wonder. It’s a messy, colourful and fun thing to do. But it can cause a bit of a headache for carers because sometimes paint stains. Our ready mixed paint will wash out providing you stick to the manufacturers’ guidelines and wash it out immediately! Have this as your mantra and you won’t go far wrong.

Don’t Let the Paint Dry
Problems start when you allow the paint to dry. Once it’s dried you run the risk of it leaving a stain. This applies just as much to when the children get the paint on their hands as it does to their clothes. Whilst it won’t do them any harm, it may stain their skin for a few days if it isn’t washed off reasonably quickly.

Cover Up
Of course, the best way to keep the mess where you want it – i.e. off the clothes and work surfaces – is to cover them with the appropriate protective materials.

For the children I’d reDisposable Aproncommend our Disposable Aprons, which can be used more than once, or these great little re-useable smocks with elasticated cuffs and Velcro fastenings. And for the desks or floors, the Teddy Splash Mat or the Cover-All Plastic Cover will really do the job.

So, to avoid the hassle of paint stains, cover up and wash hands, faces and any other body parts as soon after your painting activity as possible.

You can then concentrate on having a fun, messy time!

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