Hurrah for Autumn!

Ooo… Autumn is on the way and it’s one of our favourite times at Artful Dodgers – full of jewel-like colours, cool evenings and juicy autumn fruits. And, of course, the leaves begin to fall, offering up a whole host of creative opportunities. Simple leaf pictures can be made from collected leaves glued to paper in whatever pattern the children like. Or you could be more creative and attempt our Leaf Print Cards, which can be made with real leaves or our Foam Leaves. In fact the possibilities are endless – you could, for example:

• place a leaf or leaves on a piece of Autumn Seasonal Card and fix with a little Blu-tack. Then spray paint over them using our gold or silver hues and remove the leaf to leave the outline on the card. The spray painted leaves can then be kept and used on other projects – Christmas art for example.

• use the same principle as above but dab around the edges of the leaf with our Chubbie markers to reveal the leaf outline.

• make rubbings of the leaves using our tracing paper and Chubby Stumps Wax crayons or Metallic Wax Crayons.

We also have some wonderfully tactile wooden flower and leaf templates that can be traced around with a multitude of different crayons, felt tips and pencils to make fabulous, colourful autumnal artwork.

And, to finish, why not use our Gold Poster Roll as a backdrop and Autumn Leaves Bordette to frame the autumn themed art work?

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