Summer is a great time to look at insects – it’s sunny and warm (in theory) and there are lots of bugs busy doing their business in the garden. So, why not use the time to teach children about the importance of insects in the life cycle of plants and why they should avoid panicking and killing anything that flies or crawls on sight!

To help you, we have the perfect items for introducing all kinds of bugs to your children, including snails, caterpillars, flies, bees, butterflies and ladybirds. Choose from a number of insect related items, including some great crafting basics such as plastic insect stencils, nature’s die cuts, mini-bugs wooden templates and insect shaped cards.

Bottle top caterpillar!

You could try this simple but fun craft project that also teaches children about re-cycling – two birds with one stone! You’ll need:

some old bottle tops

green craft paper


wiggly eyes


pipe cleaners

a couple of sheets of card

What to do:

start by cutting a template of a leaf out of a sheet of card.

give each child a piece of A4 green craft paper and get them to trace around and cut out the leaf shape

the children can now decorate their bottle tops with crayons, or whatever other crafty bits and pieces you have around

now drop a blob of glue onto the other sheet of card

get the children to dip their decorated bottle tops in it and stick them onto their paper leaf in a caterpillar shape

when dry, add wiggly eyes and antennae using two short pieces of pipe cleaner glued in place


Other craft projects

We also have a number of projects for your little crafters to try, including the lists of the items you’ll need, in our resources sections. Choose from:


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