International Year of the Forest

2011 is International Year of The Forest and as part of this on-going project May 20th is ENO Tree Planting Day. So, get your kids involved in the classroom, your nursery garden or the local park and teach them about:

  • the different species of tree – we have some artificial leaves that are a good starting point. Bark rubbings are also a great way get to know trees and our tracing paper and metallic wax crayons are great for this.
  • how trees work – we have some great botany puzzles illustrating the different parts of a leaf and tree.
  • their importance to the environment – our water cycle felt display can help explain the role of trees.
  • what they are used for – you could simply ask the children to name everything they see in the classroom that’s made of wood, get them to do the same at home to raise awareness. Plus, you could teach what alternatives are available.
  • how they can help by taking more care of trees – the wildlife code is a good place to start as it teaches about respect for the environment.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden at your nursery you could invest in a tree, plant it, watch it grow and get the kids to monitor its progress over the year – keeping a record in their scrap books.

National Smile Month

May 15th is the start of National Smile Month and a great time to start teaching the little ones about the importance of keeping their teeth and mouths fresh and clean. You could:

  • teach about teeth – what they are made of, what they do and the importance of dental hygiene with our fabulous felt tooth display.
  • have a teeth cleaning lesson – make sure that the children are cleaning in the correct way for the right amount of time.
  • show different methods of cleaning teeth from around the world – for example miswak, which has been used for thousands of years and is green, natural and recyclable!
  • teach different myths, stories and legends about teeth from around the world or ask the children to tell stories they have about losing teeth and tooth fairy visits.
  • teach them about the importance of keeping their teeth clean by talking about the different diseases and problems related to teeth and then show them some pictures of really bad teeth – there are plenty on the internet!

So, all that’s left for me to say is enjoy Easter, don’t eat too many eggs – and clean your teeth after!

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