Large Mark Making

Oh we had fun at toddler group today. It got really quite hectic but we had a couple of firsts at the art table which was fantastic.

I haven’t done much mark making with the children this term. We’ve done lots of collage, painting and printing and I’d quite forgotten how much they love drawing. Quite a few children did more than one picture.

The secret to making this a successful session was the large pieces of paper placed on the floor and the wide selection of mark making materials. These included:

Chubbi Markers
Felt tips
Oil Pastels

The children had great fun with the Chubbi Markers. They make fantastic marks, are great for covering large areas and can take the pounding a toddler will give them when making dots. The children really whack the marker down; so much so that instead of a neat dot you get a splat shape – great fun!


The children liked working on the floor even if the mums and grans weren’t that pleased. Lots of groaning about achy knees!

One of the older boys loved what he was doing. The only instruction I gave to the children was to fill the paper. Well he took this literally and spent an hour filling his paper – and what a fantastic result. I was really knocked out by his picture.


This picture was a first for one little boy and what a great first picture. He had a go with all the different materials making lots of lines, round and round marks and, of course, some dots.

One of the ladies who organises toddler group was a bit concerned that we’d got marks on the lovely wooden floor. But I wasn’t worried. I was confident that it’d wipe up easily with a bit of soapy water – and it did.


I also gave one of the mums our leaflet on how drawing develops. I got the impression she was getting a little anxious that her son wasn’t coming on enough. Well hopefully she’ll now realise that he’s fine and won’t be drawing cats and dogs for a few years yet (he’s only two). If you want to know more about how drawing develops download our leaflet or order a free copy when you place your next order.

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