Mark Making – Round and Round

This half of term I’m going to be doing a variety of activities based on circles. So for the first session we were drawing round and round.

Now just because I plan a session in a particular way doesn’t mean it’ll turn out as I envisaged – the children often have their own ideas about what they want to do. As the primary aim is to get them making marks with a variety of materials this is fine. So whilst most of the children were very good and gave the round and round a go they also did up and down and side to side.

A Mix Of Materials
I took along a selection of materials so the children could experience the different marks they make. These included:

Chalks – egg and chunki
Felt tips with different tip widths
Chubbie markers
Cray pas oil pastels
Wax crayons

I also put out two types of paper – A3 sugar paper on the tables and A2 white paper on the floor. I find that sugar paper is a particularly good surface for chalks. The children can make strong marks without having to press too hard.

Development Of The Children
The children in the group range from babies to four years old. I worked with one little lad, who was about 18months, helping him to make the round and round motion whilst we both held onto the chubbie marker. Later on he came back and tried out the other materials.

On the other end of the age scale one little girl has started to draw people since I last saw her, before we broke up for summer. She’s also started to try and write her own name. She’s following the developmental pattern that is described in our leaflet on how children’s drawing develops.

One little boy came to the art table for the first time. He didn’t manage the round and round but he tried every felt tip and noticed that they made different widths of marks on the paper. I’d also brought along stones for the children to draw round and he did a series of spiky lines round a stone.

Exploring And Experimenting
The children liked to touch and feel the stones as they were different sizes and textures. Some tried to draw with the stones and discovered that they didn’t make marks.

There’s one little girl who loves making pictures and she always listens very carefully to instructions. She did a fantastic round and round picture using the stone to draw round. Then she helped tidy up all the pens and markers.

Another girl loves experimenting with her pictures and started to fold it up. So we decided to make a giant paper plane with it.

All in all a successful session with the children experiencing different mark making materials and learning how to make circles by going round and round.

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