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Moon and starts

Did you see the moon last week? It was magnificent. Big and bright and the inspiration for this week’s activity at toddler group.

Firstly we made prints of the moon. We dabbed white, silver and silver glitter paint all over our printing disks (polystyrene pizza trays). Then we turned them over and pressed down hard. As we carefully peeled away the disks our moon print was revealed. The children were delighted.


moon with planetsBut we didn’t stop there.

I’d picked out all the stars from the collage materials I have stashed at home and brought along some polystyrene packing pieces.

The children chose their stars and packing pieces and arranged them on and around their moons. Lovely!


moon and startsThe polystyrene packing pieces were a hit. They made a gentle crackle sound when you pressed them between your fingers. Some children enjoyed squashing them flat whilst others piled them high. One little girl declared that they were planets. One little boy only put his stars and packing pieces on the moon and not around the moon. Interesting!


moon and starsThe children also had different gluing techniques. One little girl carefully applied the glue to each piece of collage she was sticking down whilst others treated the glue like paint and liberally spread it about the paper. Some children did gentle dots around the paper and others loved to watch the glue drip from the brush. Great fun!


We talked about the moon being full and to look out for it at bedtime. So hopefully they did!moon and stars


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