Mother’s Day

This is always one of our favourite days at Artful Dodgers, so we stock up on pretty things for the little ones to use in their creative efforts for their lovely mums. And, we gather them all together into one section, not surprisingly called Mothers Day, so you don’t have to go searching all over the place to find them. It’s on March 30th this year, so you’ve still got plenty of time to stock up on essentials. And you’ll need them if you fancy getting the kids to have a go at any of these super crafts.

Hand Print Pillowcase – these are a lovely idea and so personal. Plus, they are useful as well as sentimental.

Painted Drinking Glasses – I love the ease and beauty of the hand-dotted tumblers and they’d be great for the kids to try too. But, essentially, they can paint whatever they like, or what they think mummy will like. And, we have some glass paint on offer. A set of six Glascol colours, red, light and dark blue, green, yellow and black 150ml bottles is now only £10.12 – a bargain!

String Vases – this is such a wonderful idea, I think I might have a go at it myself. And we have all the string, wool, lace and ribbon you could ever need for some colourful creations.

Box of Love – I have to say, this is the most charming gift I’ve seen for a long time, especially the little poem that goes with it. If you have some suitable boxes lying around – great! If not, here are some instructions on how to make boxes out of card. Or you could use the same idea but give a little organza bag instead of a box. And guess what? We’ve got some really pretty organza bags that’d be perfect for this idea. You can fill them with any number of things, including shiny fabric assorted shapes, colourful mosaic pieces or you could paint one of these hearts and pop that into the bag.

Heart Mapping – I spotted this idea and thought how great it could be if it were adapted to mother’s day. You could get the kids to heart map everything that comes to mind about their mums. This can include the child’s feelings towards their mother, her appearance, how she acts and so on. I bet you get some really funny and touching responses. You can then get the kids to make a cardboard frame to go with it.

I also want to highlight these lovely multi-sized wooden beads that we’ve just started to stock. They are wonderful spring colours and can be made into all kinds of jewellery. And these fabulous wooden flowers that are, again, just perfect for Mother’s Day crafts. I do love things made of wood, don’t you?

Have fun and if you’ve got anything you’re particularly proud of, take a pic and send it over to us for inclusion in our gallery.

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