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You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to today. Well, I’ve had a fun morning checking out some new play equipment and furniture for your settings. I’m really excited about the range.

The wooden items are made from eco-friendly rubber wood – a sustainable hardwood which is a waste product of the rubber industry. Basically, when the rubber trees have completed their latex producing cycle the trees are felled and new trees usually planted. But, not only is it very eco-friendly, it is a really dense, smooth and hard wearing wood making it ideal for children’s play equipment and toys.

Here are just a couple of items that we are now offering:

Dolls House
This is just gorgeous. It makes you want to be a child again. It’s large but takes up less than a square meter of floor space. The children can play from all sides so several children can be playing with it at the same time.

The stairs connect the different levels and outer door panels can be moved to allow access to all areas of the house.

And the best bit, it comes with 30 pieces of furniture (including a loo) and a set of six dolls – the adults being 30cm tall.

Full dimensions of the house: H145 x L86 x W80cm. Click here for full details.

Play Panels
These are really versatile, simple to set up and you can select the number or set that is suitable for your setting. Each panel is a good size being 60cm tall and 48cm wide.

You can either fix them to the wall with the specially designed wall bracket so you can present the children with a different activity each day and these also make for easy storage whilst not in use. Alternatively, you can easily create room dividers using the easy-fix connectors. Children can play with the panels from both sides.

To see the full range of Play Panels click here.

Drying Racks and Easels
Well, being Artful Dodgers it is about time we offered these. Now the best thing about the drying racks apart from keeping paintings and other artwork safe whilst drying, is that they arrive already assembled so you don’t have to fight with the shelves to attach them to the frame. Phew!

There are seven sizes to choose from so you can get the one most suitable for your setting. Plus, all dryers come with a free set of non-spill paint pots. See all options here.

The See Thru Easels come in three sizes: desktop, height adjustable floor standing and 3-sided panels. The 3-sided panels can be made into a larger unit simply by clipping more panels together. The Perspex board is height adjustable too. The 3-sided easel comes with a free set of non-spill paint pots or if you buy six panels you will receive 10 free aprons. See all easels here.

That’s just a taster of what we have newly on offer.

So, grab a cuppa and have fun browsing around our site to see what you can treat the children to.

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