Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

12 ideas for seaside themed activities

1. Make a seaside collage with foot prints in the sand.

Take a roll of yellow display paper and let the children walk over it with paint on their feet. You could do this tastefully with a slightly darker yellow of paint than the background or use different colours for a more striking effect. Remember to have a bowl of warm soapy water to wash the children’s feet at the end. You can display your ‘beach’ under a beautiful blue sky with cotton wool clouds and a golden sun made with gold metallic paper.

2. Create an underwater quiet corner with shimmery material, soft fish toys and comfy cushions. A lovely place to rest whatever your age.

3. Small-world free-play where the children can play with underwater creatures and can make up their own adventures and stories.

4. Build a giant sandcastle.

Paint shoe boxes (ask parents to bring them in) with yellow paint. Add a little sand to the paint for a more authentic texture if you wish. Once all the boxes are dry build your sandcastle – then knock it down – and build it up again. This is a great project for developing co-operation skills.

5. Sing and say rhymes and songs with a seaside theme.

Rhymes and songs are a great way to introduce new ideas to young children. Keep the children engaged with actions as you say the rhyme or sing the song.

6. Find seaside and underwater tales in your library for story time.

7. Make sea creatures using circles, squares, lines and triangles.

Cut out different sized circles, squares, lines and triangles from card (or you can ask children to do this if they are old enough). Show them how to experiment moving the shapes around to make different creatures. These can be stuck down, cut out and added to your collage.

8. Make a giant rock pool made from cushions and material and use toys, puppets or creatures you’ve made to make up a story with the children. Let them lead the adventure.

9. Seafood Tasting

You’ll need to be sensitive to religious or dieatry requirements and make sure no one is allergic to seafood before embarking on this project. You could try crab sticks, dried seaweed, prawns, cockles, mussels and fish fingers. This is a lovely project to talk about taste and texture if it is possible to do.

10. Act out beach activities:

Digging in the sand

Swimming in the sea

Lying in the sun

Searching for seashells

Climbing on rocks

Playing beach games

Eating an ice cream

Ask the children for their ideas about what people do when they go to the beach.

11. Seaside Discovery Box

Gather a range of large shells, buckets and spades, drift wood, pebbles etc. Put into a box for the children to explore or burry items in the sand box for children to find.

12. Make your classroom an underwater wonderland.

Make large fish and other sea creatures from card and collage materials then hang them from the ceiling with strips of green and red cellophane for seaweed. Encourage the children to pretend to be fish or scuba divers exploring a coral reef.

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